Can a cheap piano be a good piano?

In the world of music, there are some myths that need to be debunked. One of the main things people tend to believe it’s true is that an instrument is better than others just because it is more expensive. This is not always necessarily true since there are many factors that play a role in the quality of music. In fact, some people would go as far as arguing than an instrument is only as good as the player, and to an extent, they would be right. For that reason, we will go over some of the features you can get in a budget piano that still makes it a reasonably good instrument.

Budget digital pianos often have weighted keys

Weighted keys are one of the most sought-after qualities in any digital piano. Luckily for aspiring players and professional pianists, even inexpensive pianos come with this feature. Fully-weighted keys are common in models closer to the $1,000 line, which is a budget limit for many people looking into a new digital piano. Some of these even come with hammer-string mechanics to fully simulate the feel of weighted keys on acoustic pianos. In models for people with a smaller budget, semi-weighted keys are the norm, which is still a good option in favor of other keyboard instruments without any resistance.

All digital pianos come with plenty of rich features

Digital pianos in all price tiers come with a lot of features nowadays, but a budget piano can get you even some of the most advanced ones. For instance, digital pianos in this price range and closer to the upper limit can often be used as MIDI controllers, which doubles their functionality as both an instrument and a controlling interface. This means that there are usually physical controls on the panel above the keys that help sound designers and music producers use these digital pianos in a more versatile way.

Accessories and extras are common in cheap digital pianos

Cheap digital pianos often include accessories that focus on other aspects besides performance. These models can often come bundled with a physical stand and chair to simulate the feel of an acoustic piano even further. On top of that, they may include pedals to also give players more control over the sound that the piano produces, just like in a traditional piano as well.

Some extras that manufacturers throw in as a standard when selling new products is offering free membership to exclusive resources. In the case of Yamaha, for example, most new digital pianos regardless of the price come with access to their proprietary software. This enables players to load their own songs to play along, check lessons and guides, and access more features that enrich the piano-playing experience.

A budget piano can be a great instrument, but it is up to the player to exploit all that potential and get more out of that digital piano than what any price tag says. If you want to get digital pianos under 1000 bucks and don’t know where to start, perhaps the reviews by Mr. Pianist are a good place.

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